History of the Show

The following timeline summarises events in the history of the site.

Before recorded history, the land was occupied by the Katungal Aboriginal people.
By 1871: Moruya has an agricultural and pastoral show.
1878: Two portions of land on the southern riverbank were dedicated as Moruya Agricultural Society (showground).
1881: Exhibitions Hall completed for the first show on the dedicated site. Shed and committee room built late in 1881.
By 1885: Lighting for Hall, stalls, and pens for livestock installed.
1890’s: Economic depression restricts show activities.
1904 – 5: Grandstand built at Racecourse (replaced an earlier one to the east). Sited to be viewed from the Moruya Township.
By 1910: New secretary’s office, publican’s booth built. Show ring fences and gates painted. Cattle yards established. Poultry shown on temporary stands.
By 1912: Luncheon booth and rotunda for brass band (Rotunda remains at golf club until about 2005).
1912: Some considerations of relocation of the show to Moruya Park (present-day site). Original site proving to be poorly drained and subject to floods. A grandstand is already in place at the proposed site, used by the racecourse, which was well-established there since 1866.
1913: Fruit stall, soft drink stall, and Indian dartboard stalls in place. Moruya Park was re-dedicated to allow for showground uses. NSW Government provided assistance for relocation of old Showground buildings.
1914: Exhibition Hall relocated to the present-day site, east of the saddling.
1915: First show on present site. Cattle yards, pig pens, and poultry coops are located behind the grandstand.
1914 – 25: Nine-hole golf course built at Moruya Park.
1920: Addition to Exhibition Hall.
1930’s: Lighting to show ring and installation of public address system.
By 1940: Additional lighting and a ‘main gate’ built.
1940’s: Showground used by the Army. Some war-time shows were canceled.
1942: Eurobodalla Shire Council resumes trusteeship of the showground.
1944: Extension to the pavilion.
1952: Toilet facilities built.
1977: Pavilion upgraded.
1977 – 78: Community Centre (Basketball Stadium) built.
1980: Thinking of changing the Shows name to Eurobodalla District Show Society.
1981: Society’s name changed and formed a committee to raise the Community Radio Station.
1985: Horseracing ceases.
1987 – 88: Ack Weyman Oval built.
1988: Society became Incorporated.
1988: Golf course extended to eighteen holes.
1990’s: New Secretary’s Office, Horse yards, and Ticket Booth built.
2002: Grandstand and Exhibits Pavilion listed on Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Local Environmental Plan.
2003: Showground Precinct nominated for inclusion on the NSW State Heritage Register.
2005 – 07: Pavilion upgraded.
2008: Launch of the Show Society Website and E-mail.
2010: New Pink Gates.

Do not miss the Exhibition at the Show of the old Show Schedules and Minute Books dating back to 1921
There are also photos and newspaper cuttings on the history of the show

There is a full copy of a booklet on the History of the Show and Moruya Showground, now called the Eurobodalla District Shows, and is available here. Just click to download and read or copy. The booklet is 12 pages and is 363 kb in size.
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