Showground Hire

Moruya Showground

The Moruya Showground is the only showground within the Eurobodalla Shire. The Showground is listed on the State Heritage Register. The playing/activities areas of the Showground are some of the best in the Shire. The Show Pavilion dates back to 1881 with major upgrades from 2005 to 2007 and the Community Centre with the Basketball Stadium was opened in 1978. Residents of the Shire, members of the general public, private enterprises and organisations can hire the Showground. It is available for hire in parts or the entire showground.

Bookings are made through the Eurobodalla Shire Council (ESC) Booking Officer on 02 4474 7447.

The areas that are available are:

Entire Showground,
Show Ring (Arena),
Outer Area,12-004
Poultry Pavilion,
Bar / Canteen,
Show Pavilion (Main Pavilion and/or Meeting room and/or Kitchen),
Community Centre / Basketball Stadium,
Ack Weyman Oval,
Sand Arena,
Animal Pavilion,
Stalls / Yards for animals, and
Rodeo yards with loading ramp.

Showground Brochure

The Showground Management Committee have produced a Brochure titled ‘Moruya Showground’. It contains a brief history and background of the Showground and lists all the areas that are available for hire.
In the brochure is a list of the user groups that called the Moruya Showground home. It also details the available areas with size, shape, number, etc and the recommended uses for these areas.
You can download and print your own copy, keep and read it or pass it on. It is two pages and 1,623 Kb in size.

Fees and Charges 2022/2023

This list is only part of the ESC Fees and Charges 2022/2023 list. The whole list can be found on their website or call the Booking Officer on 02 4474 7447.

Entire Showground12-003
Community non-profit – $ 1,424.00 per day, not including Basketball Stadium
Commercial Use – $ 1,780.00 per day, not including Basketball Stadium

Show Ring
Casual hire – $ 242.00 per day, plus amenities
Floodlighting – $ 6.00 per token – 3 per hour12-011

Pavilion Meeting Room
Casual hire – $ 30.00 per hour
With Kitchen – $ 92.00 per day

Show Pavilion12-010
No admission fee – $ 254.00 per day
Admission fee / commercial – $ 453.00 per day
Non function – $ 27.00 per hour

Casual hire – $ 13.00 per hour
For function – $ 42.00 per day

Bar / Canteen
Used as an office – $ 37.00 per day
Used for drinks – $ 102.00 per day12-006

Community Centre / Basketball Stadium
Set up fee – $ 81.00 per half day
General booking – $ 31.00 per hour
Court – full lights – $ 6.00 per token – 2 per hour
Function – $ 241.00 no admission charged (day)
Function – $ 347.00 no admission charged (night)12-012

Ack Weyman Oval
No admission fee – $ 244 00 per day
Admission fee – $ 1,038.00 per day
Floodlighting – $ 6.00 per token – 3 per hour

Waste Removal12-015
One bin bank – $ 34.00 – 5 x 240 Lts bins

Dog Training
Annual fee – $ 259.00