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Our Next Monthly Meeting is on Monday the 10th of December 2018 starting at 7.00 pm in the Meeting Room of the Show Pavilion.

Press Release

New Names for Groups and new Sections with new Classes

This year we have change some of the names of the Groups to expanded the Sections. We have also added new Classes in some of the new Sections.

Fax Line

The Show Society have lost the Fax number because of the upgrade to the NBN, adding a fax number would have double the cost of the phone line.

Secretary’s Office

For the 2019 Show we are using the Caretakers Cottage as the Secretary’s Office.

Press Release

Eurobodalla, we Thank-You

The Eurobodalla District Show Society would like to thank all, for the help in making the 2018 Eurobodalla District Show one of the biggest we have had in many a year, with the great numbers through the gates. The numbers of entries were also up in some of the Pavilion sections.
Local communities make local shows and without their help the Shows would not run.
So a big thanks goes out to:
All our supporters
All our sponsors (please support them)
All the people who entered in the Show
All the people who attended the Show
All the Radio Stations and the Newspapers
The community of the Eurobodalla Shire and visitors
The Show Society members, workers/helpers at the Show, Judges and Stewards