Alpaca Display

At the 2018 Show, Local Alpaca Breeders will be present to provide information on Alpacas, within the Eurobodalla District, throughout the days. The Eurobodalla Spinners will also be demonstrating throughout each day.
At the Show there will be a display of Alpaca products and information.

Products Section2-004
There are two distinct categories. A2.10 – A2.12 is for 100% pure alpaca while A2.13 – A2.15 is for alpaca blended with other fibres. Products can be apparel, furnishings, toys, accessories, jewellery and / or fantasy items. Please note fasteners such as zips, clips. ties or buttons will not be counted as part of the mix.

Fleece Judging
2-019Fleece Judging will once again be held at the Show, so be sure to stop by and see who has won the best fleeces of the 2018 Eurobodalla Show. Animals, depending on the number of entries and weather conditions will determine the Judging site. There are two classes for judging:
a. Commercial Conformity – Show cases animals bred for the fibre and meat industry and should display uniformity of conformation, body score, colour, fleece style, micron and coverage, while reflecting a general standardisation of traits.
b. Domestic Diversity – Displays animals bred for unique characteristics and variations of fleece styles, breeds, colour and micron, while reflecting the most desirable alpaca traits, be it for spinners, as pets or guards for other live stock.

At the 2018 Show

Best Exhibit will be selected from all fleeces entered – the winner being the fleece most suitable for hand spinning.

2-014 Shearing takes place annually 2-002 A mother and her cria (young Alpaca)

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