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Two Rare Breeds of fowl are:

The first rare breed is the COCHIN

One is the COCHIN – that was introduced into England in 1843 from the country of that name in Vietnam. Sir Edward Belcher presented earlyCochin Cochins to Queen Victoria on his return from his around the world voyage. They caused a sensation due to their gigantic size. They were first known as the Shanghai fowl, and then Cochin-China Fowl later shortened to Cochin. A male can weigh up to 13 lbs but looks even larger with their fluffy plumage. No other fowl presents such delightful softness of fluff or greater charm.

Until very recently Cochins were all but extinct in Australia. After many years of breeding, the breed has been recreated in Australia with various colours currently emerging. These are very quiet, gentle birds that can make wonderful pets or backyard birds. They are easily contained, gentle giants with good mothering abilities. Even roosters will tenderly care for young chickens.

The second rare breed is the HOUDAN

The HOUDAN is the oldest of the French Breeds and a great favourite with anyone whoHoudan views them. Originally produced as a high-class table fowl, the Houdan is non-broody, very hardy, is thrifty on the feed, and is a good layer of medium-sized, white eggs.

Pronounced ‘oodan’ the Houdan has a glossy black feathering with white mottling. Originally the Houdan was kept by many local farmers living in the vicinity of the market town Houdan, near Paris.

AustralorpHere is another well-known (and Australia’s own) breed: the AUSTRALORP

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