Showground Pavers

The second round of pavers has been extended until the 31st of October 2020


The Show Society is raising money to complete jobs around the new Showground Office. The way we are raising the money is through engraved single paver and double pavers. The pavers will be installed between the path and the Showground Office / old Caretaker’s Cottage.

We are asking anybody that has memories of the Showground: eg playing tennis, cricket, AFL, union, league, basketball; attending the horse races, show, rodeo, horse event, poultry show, pigeon show, circus, canine event, film night; or just loves the Showground to sit or walk in. If you do not have any memories of the Showground and like to buy a paver in memory of someone or something that is fine too. Buying a paver or pavers is open to all and will make a great mark in the history of the Showground.

The money raised will go towards concreting a path from the Office door to a new concreted area attached north of the new Showground Office; Signage for the new Showground Office (with ref the Caretaker’s Cottage and old Secretary’s Office); and a new shelter.

This area with the Showground Office, Conference Room (old Caretaker’s Cottage) and Display Hall (old Secretary’s Office) will be a place of History. It will be were all the history of the Showground is held.

Here is a proforma with all the pavers details on it and how to order them, make your mark in the history of the Showground.

  Click here for the proforma