MDPC History

The following is a book published in 2009

Moruya District Poultry Club
A History of the Last 50 Years

For the promotion of keeping and showing purebred poultry.

Greg Ringland
Greg Ringland – Foundation President

This history is being written in the hope that it will encourage young and not so young fanciers of poultry to embark on a journey of keeping, breeding and showing pure breed poultry.
It will bring to light many of the shenanigans over the years and bring credit and recognition to club members who have contributed greatly to the success of the club throughout its history.
It is also to provide information to backyard poultry keepers to help them maintain a good type of bird for their own needs.
We have tried to make this booklet not only an historical document but one that will provide information about various breeds and what is required to produce a champion and also a pictorial view of some of the better known breeds.
Sadly after 50 years not all of the show results and paper work have been saved although we believe that a good overall picture of the Club is presented herein.
Origins of the Club
A group of local poultry fanciers, who were outstanding breeders of show poultry decided to try and form a club with like-minded people. This resulted in a meeting being called to see what interest could be obtained. This meeting indicted that sufficient interest had been aroused, and the first office-bearers were elected at this meeting on 24 April 1959. The first meetings of the Club were held in the old CWA Rooms (Now Firefly Interiors) in Vulcan Street Moruya.

Congratulations to Moruya Poultry Club on staging their 50th Poultry Show.
I have attended most of these shows as I started in the Poultry fancy with my father Claude Ubrihien as a young boy and Moruya Poultry Show was the highlight of the show season. Dad was of the opinion that if you could win at Moruya you could win anywhere.
We made some wonderful friends who were great breeders and Showmen at Moruya over the years but sadly, most of them have passed on and their strain of fowls and knowledge are sadly missed today.
Dad was a life-long friend of Alec Lamont, they went to school together at “Tarraganda” near where I live today.  We would arrive at Moruya and dad would say, ‘How’s the old Pullet Breeder’ and Alec would reply, ‘Not bad, how’s the old Cockerel Breeder’. Alec and Marie had all girls and we had five boys.
Gordon Warren was one exhibitor I remember well. He had some great Langshans and Australorps and always bred them to perfection. A good Showman but a poor looser. I remember one show Leo Hand from Wagga beat Gordon, it didn’t go down well and things got out of hand and they headed outside to settle things. It was like a pair of young Jersey Bulls; they went round and round in circles snorting and pawing the ground but thankfully no blows were struck and things were settled over a beer at the pub later.
Norm (Langshan) Smith was a good Langshan breeder and was beaten at Moruya with his favourite bird. He complained all day and half the night about the best bird being beaten. Next morning Dad  and Les Wilson went to the pens early and stuck a white feather in his bird’s tail. Someone drew Norm’s attention to the white feather and suggested that was why he was beaten. Norm ripped the taped in feather out and roared; ‘where’s that bloody Ubrihien’.
From Bega to Moruya for the Poultry Show was a big event. They would have the fowls loaded and hit the road early, a lot of gravel roads and flat tyres were experienced in the early days. I would help dad and then go to Angle Dale and help Eddie Jauncey with his team. Eddy was a great old Breeder and Showman, he had most breeds of softfeather over the years but his favourite was the Wyandottes, especially the Silver Laced.
Some of the Moruya people I remember in the early days of the Club were Col & Basil Donnelly, Alec Lamaont, Harold Lamont, B Cowdroy, R Loutitt, Hec Meaker, Dal Sly, Greg Ringland, GV Warren, and no doubt others I have forgotten.
Barrie and Kath Crapp are the only ones of the old school left today and I congratulate them for their dedication to Moruya Poultry Show and how they have kept things going over a lot of years.
I wish the Club all the best for the 50th Show and may it go on for many years to come.
Yours in the fancy
Peter Ubrihien

Original Members - Hec Meaker, Barry Crapp, Alex Lamont
Original Members – Hec Meaker, Barry Crapp, Alex Lamont

Copy of the First Minutes
Moruya District Poultry Club was formed on 24 April 1959.
Patron:            Mr AF Emmott
President:        Mr G Ringland
Vice Pres:        Messrs GV Warren, AJ Lamont, H Meaker
Sec/Treas:       Mr A Ferguson
Asst Sec:          Mr GV Warren
Committee:     Messrs RM Louttit, K Crapp, B Crapp, E Bate, O Sebbens, G Felvus, B Donnelly
Membership 10/-
1st Poultry Show to be held 18 &19th July
Entrance Fees 2/- Members               2/6 Non-members
Street Stall to be held on 4 July          Mrs Warren & Mrs Louttit in charge of Street Stall
Judges suggested: A Giles & Mr W McGilvray
Chief Steward: G Ringland / Assistants: GV Warren, B Donnelly, G Felvus, AJ Lamont, K Crapp, B Crapp, RM Louttit
1st Schedule typed by Mrs Joan Lavis

Profile: A.F. Emmott
Abraham Emmott was a keen poultry fancier, who had shown large Australorps.
He was the owner of Emmotts Store in Moruya (the present site of Harris Scarfe), and because of his high esteem within the community he was selected to be the first Club Patron.
Abraham Emmott was a prominent Moruya citizen, having lived all his life in Moruya.

1959          1st Annual Show
Judges  –  Claude Ubrihien (Softfeather)  –  Mr McGilvray (Hardfeather)
Champion Bird of Show – John H Taylor
Champion Bird of Show Opposite Sex – AJ Lamont
Champion Softfeather Bantam – John H Taylor
Champion Hardfeather Bantam – GV Warren
Champion Breeding Pair – G Ringland
Champion Breeding Pair Bantam – A Ferguson
Champion Heavy Breed Male – GV Warren
Champion Heavy Breed Female – John H Taylor
Champion Light Breed Male – AJ Lamont
Champion Light Breed Female – AJ Lamont

Recollections of the First Year
Only the men were involved in the actual running of the Club.  The ladies worked behind the scenes providing suppers and catering at the shows.
The Show Dinner was well attended – this was held in the old CWA Rooms.  There was always an open fire blazing, it being mid-winter and usually quite cold.
Meetings were held regularly on a monthly basis, starting at 8.00pm.

1960          2nd Annual Show
Judge  –  Mr McGilvray

1961          3rd Annual Show
Judge  –  I Benson

1962          4th Annual Show
Judge  –  W Gee

1963          5th Annual Show
Judges  –  J O’Malley (Softfeather)  –  C Pendrick (Hardfeather)
Trophy Donated for Best in Show by Mr WJ Edwards

White Leghorn
White Leghorn

Breed Profile: White Leghorn
Origin – Mediterranean / Classification – Light Breed Softfeather / Egg Colour – White
The Original home of the Leghorn is Italy, with stock first exported from the port of Leghorn.  They were first developed a superior egg layer in America.  White Leghorns won many egg-laying competitions in the early 1900’s and became the most common purebred fowl in Australia.  When poultry farmers moved to simple cross-breeding to further improve production, the White Leghorn male crossed with Australorp females became the most common cross in use.  Today the Leghorn is a popular show fowl (both large and bantam) and is available in a wide variety of colours.
Breeders of Leghorn in the Early Days were Harold Lamont Black Leghorn, Basil Donnelly White Leghorns, W Babidge Black Leghorn, Alec Lamont White Leghorn.  All of our breeders were keen to meet the standard required.  Male birds must always have an upright comb while the Hens comb always tips to the side.  Bright red comb and wattle with pure white ear lobes.  The plumage is of a silky nature.  They have yellow beaks and their legs and feet are yellow or orange.

Profile: President G RinglandGreg Ringland 1
Greg Ringland had an interest in good Show breeding.  He was a quiet man, highly respected and therefore was a good choice for the position of President.
Greg bred large Australorps.  He remained President until he left the district.  He purchased his  own dairy farm in Milton.  He had been share-farming in Bodalla until his move to Milton.
Greg resigned his position as President on 27 June 1962 as he was leaving the district.  He was succeeded by Hec Meaker.  Greg retained a life-long interest in poultry and supported the Moruya District Poultry Club for a long time after he moved to Milton.

1964          6th Annual Show
Judges  –  AW Cox (Softfeather)  –  Mr Bert Kinch (Hardfeather)
G Warren (Chief Steward) R Cowdroy (Softfeather Steward) W Cowdroy (Hardfeather Steward)

1965          7th Annual Show
Judges  –  C Pendrick (Softfeather)  –  Mr Church (Hardfeather)
C Lavis (Softfeather Steward) R Cowdrey (Hardfeather Steward)

1966          8th Annual Show
Judges  –  Mr Milton Symonds (Bantam Classes)  –  W Marr (All Large Fowl Classes)
H Meaker (Chief Steward) C Lavis (Assistant Steward)

1967          9th Annual Show
Judges  –  W Neal (Bantam Classes)  –  J Emerson (All large Classes)
H Meaker (Chief Steward) H Ware & C Lavis (Assistant Stewards)

1968          10th Annual Show
Judges  –  J Benson (Softfeather)  –  K MacDonald (Hardfeather)
A Lamont (Chief Steward) H Ware & C Lavis (Assistant Stewards)

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